Summer School 2011


Cagliari Astronomical Observatory, with the Sardinian Regional Government and the Italian Space Agency organises the first cycle of the annual sardinian summer school in astrophysics. This year's topic will be single dish radio astronomy and radio science. The school will cover basics of radioastronomy and radio science, technology, science with single-dish observations, radar and probes tracking.

Lectures and hands on activities are planned at the Parco Tecnologico della Sardegna (Sardinia's Technological Park) near Pula (CA), from September 12 to 17, just after the ERIS school on interferometric radio astronomy. Participants will also visit the Sardinia Radio Telescope.

Part of the travel expenses to get from the ERIS school in Rimini to the single-dish school may be covered by special grants. Students from abroad can apply for financial grants.

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